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QUESTION: Hi Christine! My rabbit is a female holland lop, aged 9 years old and has been litter trained. Recently I've noticed she has been peeing outside her litter box and all over her cage instead of in her litter box. She's also spayed, and I haven't noticed any changes in her daily activities. I'm wondering if this is a natural side effect of her aging, or if this is an issue I should be concerned with. Since the vet is so expensive, I just want to make sure it's absolutely necessary before I take her for nothing. Thank you!!

ANSWER: Sophia,

Are there any other changes that you notice - is her poo soft or malformed? Changes in appetite? Have you changed anything about her environment - switched the location of things, or new litter?

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QUESTION: Hi Christine,

No, there have not been any new changes whatsoever.



So this isn't a temper tantrum... hmmm. I don't think it's anything to worry yourself over too much, especially since there are no other behavioral or physical concerns. Taking her to the vet is something I'll leave up to you to decide. If she had other symptoms I'd say yes, take her right away. I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you. Hope this helps.


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