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My Holland lop is a 4 1/2 year old female. For a while now she has been drinking way too much water and losing weight. She is still happy and still has her usual amount of energy and still eating. I took her to the vet and they did an fecal test and a blood test, the results showed no parasites and no kidney or liver failure, but there was a high white blood cell count. My vet had me give her some antibiotics for two weeks and she is definitely not drinking as much water as she was but she has lost even more weight now.(today is her last day of the antibiotics) I have no idea what's going on and I'm worried. I had another bunny that past away awhile back and he had the same symptoms, except he barely ate. Is it possible the antibiotics are working but she just needs to be on them longer? What else could my bunny possibly have? My vet said maybe e-cuniculi but my bun has none of the neurological symptoms. Do you know what else it could be? I was also thinking maybe it could be pasturellosis because she did have some sniffles a while back but then it disappeared, and she was on antibiotics for two weeks in August after a minor surgery so maybe the bacteria just became more resilient. Also, would it be ok if I gave her some alfalfa hay to give her more calories?


Did your vet check for dental issues? If there are issues with her teeth, no amount of antibiotics will help with that as your bun will not eat anything (alfalfa included, but yes... try that and see if she'll eat it).

For the interim, I'd also recommend you get some critical care and mix it with some baby food for added nutrition and syringe feed.


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