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Rabbits/Urine Scald and Ciprofloxacin


QUESTION: Hello Christine

My bunny Moshu (6 months) is currently undergoing a treatment for UTI. I have a few questions regarding it.

The vet I am consulting has prescribed a dosage of Ciprofloxacin at 25 mg a day. Moshu is about 1 kg. MediRabbit says that the safe limits of Ciprofloxacin is up till 20 mg per kg. I am looking for a suspension but it isnt very commony available and usually the chemists keep Ciprofloxacin of much higher strength. I got these 50 mg tablets from my vet ; I break it into half to administer the dose.
Will the extra 5 mgs do harm ?

Since vets here are not very rabbit savvy, I want to confirm how long is generally the treatment for UTI ? Her UTI isnt very severe. It might be falling in the 'moderate' range.

Also, can you tell me some home remedies or medicines for treating urine scald ? Silver sulfadiazine isnt available where I live.
I have read that calendula cream is helpful too (I will try searching for it).  
Can I use White Vaselin ?

How about this cream ?


ANSWER: Avantika,

I did some digging in my resources pile and came up with this handy chart of medications used in the care of rabbits. I can't say for certain whether the extra 5 mg ciprofloxacin will cause an issue, but I am concerned, both because of her age and size. Keep an eye on her poops and have Benebac on hand to replenish the bacteria in her gut should her poo start to be of concern.

As for the UTI, I'd recommend doing some reading on this topic as well since there are several potential causes of the UTI and, unless addressed, the UTI will return. I would expect that you'd see symptoms starting to go away within a few days, however the length of treatment can extend far beyond visible symptoms. Think about it like this - as humans, we have to finish our prescribed antibiotics for bacterial infections even though we may be feeling better, because even though we feel fine, the bacteria is still there lurking. I wouldn't bat an eyelash at having to treat your bun for two to three weeks.

As for the urine scald, zinc oxide plus menthol powder should work. Clean gently, and only with soft rags. I would not recommend using white vaseline (in case of accidental ingestion) and, I'll be honest, I'm not familiar with the Scavon cream you looked at.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Her poops are absolutely normal. Her appetite has picked up since the past few days.

I am from India, by the way, which isnt a very rabbit-savvy nation. But I try my best to cross check from the web whenever I give her any food or medicine.

A cream which has a combination of Silver Sulphadiazine AND Chlorhexadine Gluconate is available here. Silver Sulphadiazine is safe, I know, can you tell me if the combination will be equally safe ?



This compound combination seems to have some risky side effects, even for humans. No results are even available for usage in the geriatric or pediatric arenas, and bunnies are even more sensitive than either of these groups. I would not personally use whatever product it is you're looking at that contains these two compounds.


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