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Rabbits/anemia in 9yr male rabbit


what can be done for low white blood cell count. Geno already has low red cell count. Our vet Dr Ruderman gives iron and vit b injections. please advise.

Dear Kelly,

Low white blood cell counts can be caused by pretty much the same factors in any mammal, and some of the most common are enumerated here:

As you can see, there is a wide variety of possibilities.  To treat the problem, one must first determine the cause of the anemia.

Has your bunny ever been given a drug (e.g., albendazole) that can damage bone marrow, and thus cause anemia?  If so, one can only provide supportive care and hope for gradual regeneration.

Bone cancers are very rare in rabbits, but this is another possiblity.

Renal disease can cause a reduction in red blood cells due to a reduced level of erythropoietin, a hormone produced by the kidneys that is essential for red blood cell production.

A localized infection can cause anemia, and could also sequester white blood cells in a single location, rather than allowing them to circulate in the blood.  This could give the appearance of a low white count, simply because the cells are "occupied" and not being replenished quickly enough.

Finally, it is very possible (and not all that uncommon) for cell counts in rabbits to be "off" because the machines used are not calibrated for rabbits.  If they are calibrated for dogs and/or cats, then you can bet that the cell counts will be wrong.

I would suggest finding a rabbit-savvy veterinarian for a second opinion:

to be sure your bunny really is exhibiting the signs your current vet believes he is.

I hope this helps.



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