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My bunny is 3 Years old and under His eyes is Dry fur that looks like water was poured on him and was never cleaned up. We have tried getting a warm washcloth and rubbing it lightly where dried up. And it's still watering. No Gunk is coming out. He is my first bunny and I would like to know your thoughts on the subject.


I have a bunny with this same issue, and it took some time to rule out anything serious. First things first, get your bun checked out by a vet to rule out things like cornea scratches, glaucoma, etc. I did this, twice, to be sure there was nothing more serious going on. When we determined that he just occasionally gets a "weepy eye", I was given a gel to administer whenever it flared up. Within a few days, it's back to normal. I also use chamomile tea to soothe any discomfort - brew a cup of chamomile tea, then let it cool. Take a soft washcloth and get it damp in the tea, then wipe the eye area along the contour of his fur.

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