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Mary\'s Lump
Mary's Lump  

Mary\'s Lump
Mary's Lump  
My 3 yr old Holland Lop has a lump between her eye and ear.  It seems to be somewhat itchy. Just spent about a $1,000.on one of our cats in Dec. so money is very tight. wondering, how badly she should see a vet and if it will have a positive outcome. The Lump seems firm not squishy about the size of a marble or so.

I attempted to take a photo not sure how good it will turn out for you.

Thank you So much for time



That looks a bit like a cyst - though the picture is a little hard to decipher. I would recommend seeing a vet only because of the strong need for an antibiotic. Because of the size, they may lance it to drain it as well.

Best of luck Kathy, and I hope this helped.


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