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"I have 15 rabbits, Silver Martins outside with two holes, in a 5 square meter space fenced in under an old tree. No more grass.
I managed this over 2 1/2 years now without problems.I also have bunnies,another 20 in cages, usually white ones and beige ones or lilacs. I do feed them twice a day. clean the cages once a day, and sweep the little garden once a week.
Since two days now I started to have a burnings in my lungs, like I have radio-iso-tops in it,
The only difference was that they were eating Giny pig food from Hartz, which was on sale couple days ago. This happened before no problem, when I had nothing else at home to feed them with.
I am getting my tong yellow, like the poison pollution getting from the lungs into the intestines. I drunk beer, which stopped the burning for the night, but the burning started again in the morning.I started to be concerned. My husband wants to just dump all bunnies at the human society and get rid of it all. Do you ever had anything similar experience that you could relate this to, or if worst come last, what can I do with the animals.I have too many just to drop them off at the only one human society here. Please help. I started to keep bunnies as a biblical experiment, I learned a great deal about how to attract animals, about genetics, about humans and animal behaviors, about how to attract bees, and create abundance and so forth...but now my little small bunny heaven is getting contaminated ...and I am getting sick...suddenly...and unfortunately. I had some allergic reactions, flu like symptoms, but it comes and goes..but as I am getting sick from the dirt piles up every day, twice a day so it reduces my willing to vigorously clean everyday......Please help me with some clues. I will go to the emergency room to be checked out, but
Where can I bring the animals - where they are safe and rescued. My husband is tired of the relentless effort and the time I have to put in to take care of them.I think normally it would be a time to move them somewhere else.But at this point my husband is considering to let all go..but how? and where.
I live in Honolulu. Can i release them in the forest, in the wilderness by pairs?
I am considering of talking with someone at the Animal dept at UH of what can be done to release them.I just learned that we might have to move soon.
Please answer

You cannot release them. They will die.
See if there are local rescues outside of your local shelter.

Saying as how you live in Hawaii, your options may be limited, but try reaching out on this facebook page:

There are also programs like pilots and paws (http://www.pilotsnpaws.org/) that could maybe help.

Best of luck!



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