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I am having a problem with my 2 bunnies eating hay.  They are picky eaters and for some time now have only been eating Timothy Gold hay (a second cut hay from American Pet Diner).  The new crop of this hay recently hit the shelves and due to excessive rain, is not as good as it has been and the bunnies won't have anything to do with it.  I am in the process of trying different hays (Oxbox, etc.) to find something that they will like, but I haven't found one yet that they will gobble up like the Timothy Gold.  I have tried mixing some of the old hay that they like with the new ones and there are a couple that they will eat a little of, with a lot of coaxing from me, but they are not eating nearly enough of it and it is showing in their poop.  Although I do see quite a few normal looking fecals in their litterbox, I am seeing cecotropes left uneaten daily and a couple of days ago I had to clean my bunny girl's bottom of a lot that had gotten stuck there.  Another thing I am noticing about the cecotropes is that the individual round pieces within the clusters are starting to look larger.  I have some more new hay coming this Friday, so I am still hopeful, but if they don't like it, I don't know what I will do.

They are currently getting 3 salads of mixed greens and herbs per day and eating those with no problem.  They don't get pellets, treats or any fruit.  I can tell they are hungry and would eat their hay, if I could just find something they like or a way to entice them to eat one of the hays I have purchased.   I really don't know what to do at this point and would welcome any suggestions you could offer.  I am really getting desperate!  

Thank you for "listening" and I look forward to hearing from you,


Dear Bettye,

It's possible that the bunnies are sensing something wrong with the batches of hay you're offering.  But a more likely explanation is that they are starting to suffer from dental problems that make it painful to eat certain items.  Gradual (or even sudden) change in eating habits is often a BIG red flag for molar spurs.  This is especially common in lop-eared and Dwarf rabbits, who have foreshortened faces that predispose them to dental problems.

Please read:

and find a very experienced rabbit vet with a good "rabbit dentistry" track record here:

It's possible that filing sharp spurs will get your bunnies back to their normal eating habits in a day or two.

I hope this helps.



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