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My male giant flemish died suddenly this morning were not sure from what.I was just wondering if you you could tell me what kind of effect that might have on our female? They were together most of the time.

Hi Rick

Sorry to hear your lost your boy bun. I would first get your girl to the vets asap to make sure whatever he had wasn't contagious and she's lovely and healthy.

Bunnies will mourn bonded partners, but they will also re-bond quickly to another bun. Assuming these two were a neutered/spayed pair, you could consider looking for another neutered bun to be a new husbun for her. Mourning bunnies can become very depressed and withdrawn, may even stop eating, but not all bunnies are the same and some partners can act like nothing has happened! It depends how close the two were.

So I would recommend getting her a vet check and consider re-bonding her. If you still have him, a vet can do a post mortem to find the cause of his passing, this can be a huge help for closure for you as it's so sad when we lose them suddenly.

Good luck!


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