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Rabbits/Ivomec Overdose


We raise Holland Lops and accidentally gave our whole herd of 15 bunnies 10 times the recommended dosage of .018 per pound. Instead of .072 cc they got .7cc for a four pound rabbit. 2 of the does were bred 4 days ago. 3 are nursing. What side effects should we look for? How long before the symtoms begin and end? And the most dreaded question is it going to kill our bunnies?

Many people use that ivermectin paste and they guess at the dose with the dreaded 'pea' size dose.  Usually if they are going to have a fatal reaction you will know within 24 hours.  Symptoms of overdose could be neurological.  I have seen rabbits have fatal seizures or walk around like they are drunk.  If you don't see these symptoms they will probably be fine.

Now I must ask why you used ivermectin?  If you are treating for worms ivermectin is not the correct medicine.  It does not kill pinworms which are the most common worms that rabbits get.  It does kill raccoon round worm but this is incredibly rare to find in rabbits.  Raccoon round worm is also almost always always fatal whether you treat or not.  I strongly recommend that if you are treating for anything other than mites (ears, fur) that you use piperzine.  Revolution (selemectin) will kill all mites.

I hope your bunnies will be okay but they should be.

Good luck



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