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Lionhead buck senior (Simba)
Lionhead buck senior (  
QUESTION: Believe it or not, I can't find out what color my lionhead rabbits are.

ANSWER: Unfortunately from that picture its very hard to tell.. is it possible for you to get a picture in better light of the whole animal as well as one of his face? The lighting is very dark and the picture is so close I can not be sure. My guess would be either a non extension agouti or a tort, but would need clearer pictures to be sure :)

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Senior Buck Lionhead
Senior Buck Lionhead  
QUESTION: What color is my lionhead rabbit?

Hi Alexanndria,

I apologize for the lateness in this reply. The site unfortunately did not inform me that you had sent an additional picture! I just happened to notice it today.

From the new picture (Still a little bit dark to make a 100% ID) I would say that your buck is a siamese sable.


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