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QUESTION: Our 10 year-old Netherland Dwarf bunny has been battling E. Cuniculi. Our vet has tried two rounds of Panacur to treat her E. Cuniculi but it does not appear to help. She was prescribed Ponazuril at our suggestion from reading online about some benefits from combining with Panacur. The vet is not familiar with it and did not specify how long to give it. Is there a recommended duration to give? Thanks!

ANSWER: Kristina,

Good morning. I'm sorry to hear your bun is having a tough time kicking the bug.
You should give her 1 syringe graduation per 2.5 kg bodyweight (20 mg/kg fenbendazole) daily for 9 consecutive days. I've included a link that has a handy diagram of the syringe and directions so you could see what I mean by graduation (so as not to overmedicate).

Also be sure to clean and disinfect their living area routinely to disrupt the ph balance that would allow for the bug to continue living.

Hope this helps!


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QUESTION: Thank you for your help but I was asking how many days to give the Ponazuril. Thanks!

ANSWER: Kristina,

You should give her 1 gradation per 2.5 kg of body weight daily for 9 days. It was one of the first things mentioned, before the link to the image.

Hope this helps.


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QUESTION: I'm not asking about Panacur, but Ponazuril. Thanks! ~Kristina


Ahh yes, that explains why you asked again - I was quite confused.

20mg/kg for 30 days. Mix 1 cc of the paste with 1 cc of water and you should end up with 2 cc's of paste at a concentration of 56mg/ml (= mg/cc).  The syringe you get from the vet is plenty accurate to measure ml. (same as a cc).

Hopefully this is the answer you were looking for. My apologies, and have a great day!



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