I have an older spayed rabbit. Shes about 9 yrs old. I got her a companion that is neutered. He is about 6 and more active. I have experience with bonding but i am perplexed. BB the male continues to mount her but she runs away. She doesnt try to stop him by fighting. Last night she was out of breath. I have a hiding place for her but i dont want her to have to hide. She lost her last companion which was a perfect match. I grieve this loss bkaz they were so compatible and nice to watch. Anyway if i get a spray botgle and use it when i c him mounting her do u think he will stop mounting her. They do snuggle and groom each other. He was at a sanctuary and not social but is getting better.mm

Hi Karan

Bonding can be tricky and stressful. The mounting isn't sexual but he's asserting his dominance. Spraying him with a spray bottle won't make him stop but could make him fearful and cause the situation to escalate to a fight. She should be able to run and hide, otherwise she could feel cornered and turn on him.

Make sure they're being introduced somewhere completely neutral and the humping should lessen as the bond develops. However even pairs that have been established for years can have the odd chase and hump now and again. As long as it's not escalating to fighting and fur pulling, it's normal. Just make sure she does have escape routes and hiding places for a time out. Sometime bonds just take time to settle.

Good luck!


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