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I have a miniature French lop. Holly is two years old now and we just moved to a new home. Someone is usually always home with her but she still seems to be getting lonely. I was thinking of getting her another bunny friend of the same breed. Is this a bad idea at her age? She has been around other rabbits before but the rabbit she was around was a mini Rex. And they did not get along at all. Also Holly is not fixed. Is it a bad idea to get her a friend?
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Actually, getting her a friend is a great idea, but after she's fixed and had time to recover. Her body will also need time to finish out processing the hormones in her system. If you attempt a bonding before this, she'll likely begin to exhibit territorial behavior whether the bun-panion is male or female due to hormones and the hard-wired habits of bunnies. That's what you saw happen with the mini-rex.

It's recommended to look at bonding her with a male over another female, and breed doesn't really matter. We've seen flemish giants match up well with much smaller breeds just fine, so don't let that keep you from looking at a potential companion.

Last but not least, look to your local shelters and rescues to find a friend. There are plenty of healthy happy rabbits out there just waiting for a good home.

My apologies on the delay in answering, but I hope this helps and please let me know if you have more questions. Have a great day!



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