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Hello, just got a bunny last week and started feeding her veggies. Now I can't get her to eat pellets. What do I do to get her to eat pellets. She eats Timothy hay no problem. Thank you.


Bunnies don't actually NEED to eat pellets. Pellets were first created by meat farmers that used them to fatten up their stock quicker, which is part of why you see so many brands today that include a "lucky charms" mix of goodies that aren't actually that good for them.
If you feel the need to provide her a mix of food sources, try finding a pellet that's Timothy hay based. I feed mine Mazuri - You can also check with local rescues to see where they source their pellets from. Often, you will find that you can get quality products for your bun at a lower cost than at the big box stores.

Hope this helps!


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