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Rabbits/HELP! Concerned about Bunny's bottom!


Hi! I hope you can help me with my sweet bunny, Honey. My bunny is about 8 years old and I've had her almost a year. I was checking her bottom last night, I need to wipe her fur for her but that's not my concern. I saw thin flakes of poop just inside her rectal area. I carefully picked some out but then as I tried to get another piece, she grunted and squeaked a bit so I quit and took a closer look. To me it looks like the poop flakes are attached to her skin, she definitely didn't like me pulling on it, so I quit and cuddled her. When I put her down she grunted and stomped her foot lol...I apologized. She did "kiss" me this morning so I guess I'm forgiven but I'm worried that those flakes could cause an issue being stuck to her skin on the inside of the anus, but so far she's pooping normally. Also, it smelled very pungent, so perhaps it's something to do with her scent gland? I don't wanna take her to the vet if it's not needed, but I'll get her there ASAP if I need to.

Thank you for any help you can give me!

Nicole and Honey


It's possible to have some flaky "residue" because their poo really is just ground up bits of hay, however the combination of the flakes and the odor has me a bit concerned. She may need to have her glands expressed which, let me tell you, you do NOT want to be the one to do. You think you got bun-itude with her bum cleaning... oy.

I'd recommend calling your vet to explain the situation, at the very least, just to rule out any issues with the glands.

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