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Hello I just bought 3 Netherland Dwarfs to add to my breeding program (Im most definitely not a backyard breeder, I breed for show) they came in from Colorado and I had someone transport them, when they arrived I noticed they seemed a bit ill, One more than the other she will make a slight wheezing sound that sounds like breathing with a stuffy nose, or if you were to blow air in a O shape with your mouth, yet there is no drainage near her nose ive checked her arms to see if she cleaned it off and nothing there as well, her eyes are bright and shes very active, eats and drinks just fine as well, but will catch her and the others laying down a bit more, but when playing the wheezing seems to be less, same with rubbing above the nose, I have them quarantined away from my herd, and all are indoor animals, from what the transporter said the breeder before me had to many and I found out after the purchase she had kept a doe in with a buck and needless to say I was mad and found that irresponsible, so who knows what other conditions they were in, ive tried herbal remedy's to see if that may help them in any way I added chamomile and dandelion root to there water (seeped it like you would tea) and put in a pinch with there food, when I received them the other two had a small very slight wheezing that is gone now,  I care a lot about my rabbits and spend time with every single one every day,  the wheezing one isent even a year yet :( and Im even willing to just keep her as a pet I just want to make sure all of these bunnies are okay. I got them 2 days ago so should I wait a week and see if they improve or start looking for antibiotics.


I would seek a professional medical opinion from a vet, only because you want to rule out a deeper sinus infection or potentially some sort of dental issue. Since you mentioned a potential concern with the source of this bun, it would be best advised to get a decent work up done.


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