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Dear Christine,

I just came home from class about an hour ago and I took out one of my bun to trim her nails and noticed bald spots on both sides of her cheeks. It's odd because it's almost symmetrical...?
She isn't showing any signs of discomfort, the spot doesn't seem red or inflamed, and no other parts of her body is missing any fur. The skin there isn't flaky either. Do you have any idea on what this could be?
This is new to me, she was fine yesterday. I don't know how she could have gotten bald spots within a day unless the other buns pulled her fur out, but it's weird that it's evenly on both sides of her cheeks.

Here's an image:



My first thought here is that she's pulling her fur to nest, however the location on the cheeks is strange - it's usually out of the dewlap. Have you found the fur anywhere? In a corner, or in her safe spot perhaps? Is she fixed?

The appearance of the skin doesn't suggest anything serious is going on... I might look to keep an eye on her and see if it progresses or changes in any way. Some of the other things that it could be indicative of is perhaps an ingrown hair she was looking to pull out/deal with, or perhaps a dental issue.

Let me know!



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