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Hi! So I have a male Netherland Dwarf rabbit who has not been neutered and is only a couple years old. He loves to be held, he can't get enough of it! But every time I do hold him he always chews on my jackets and shirts! Sometimes when he is doing this he accidentally bites me. I do not punish him in any way for his actions when he does this I just simply remove him from the spot he is chewing on and set him down again in a different place but then he usually continues. He has ruined a couple of my jackets and shirts. But other than all of this he is not aggressive in any way and he is a very sweet little guy! I was wondering if there was any way I can get him to stop chewing on my clothes and would it hurt him if he swallowed the material?

Hi Meagan

What a cheeky monkey your bunny is! Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do, some bunnies are just a bit cheeky like that.

The action he's doing may be him trying to groom you. Have you thought about neutering him and getting him a wifebun to groom instead?

He shouldn't swallow fabric though, that could cause gut blockages. If you have him sat on your lap and you see it coming, have a bunny safe chew toy in your hand to distract with, such as a willow ball or willow chew sticks.

Good luck!


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