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2 weeks old
2 weeks old  

2 weeks old
2 weeks old  
I have  a rabbit who made a nest in my sons blanket. Then she had 7 babies. I left the nest there and made sure they were warm, and being fed every day, and they were. In fact mom even fed them a  couple times with me in the room, And close to the nest. She is very comfortable with me. Anyhow, 2 weeks later they are starting to hop around, eyes open, and growing fast.  We don't cage our buns, as they are litter box trained, they get the run of my child's room, and do have a giant house/condo i built them. My question is can i move the nest now,. I had a nest box but it didn't get used as I did not want to confuse mama and wanted to make sure she kept feeding. I read a lot online and says that yo can remove the next box now and let the baby's live in the cage with mom, However like I said we don't cage them.. So if I rearrange the room and make an are just for the baby's, make it high enough that they cant get out, but make part of it lower enough that mom can get in when she wants and feed them, will she still feed them, They are just so cute and starting to want to explore, but i don't want them to roam the room as they are still small. , is my number if possible to call me directly.....


First of all, thank you for sharing these adorable pictures. Made me *squee* just a little.
Personally, I would keep the nest where it is until you're ready to separate them by sex - especially since you don't cage them anyway.
If you want to move it out of nervousness I'd start out (since they're still small enough) with a noodle (a styrofoam pool toy) underneath their blanket to encircle the immediate nest area. Once they get a little larger you could do something like a cardboard box with a cut out for an entrance. To ensure the smell attracts them to the nest, put a second blanket under the first. It will pick up the scent but not the hair/poo so you can take the top layer off to wash it and still not lose the area as their instinctive primary spot. As long as you bun-proof the room, I'm sure they'd love to explore their area as they get older too.

Keep up the good work Keith.



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