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I bought my new bunnies a few days ago, last Friday to be exact,and one of my bunnys now has began to bite me, when I pick him up even when I lay my hand out for him, he'll begin to bite it, maybe for fun? Idk, I asked if I should leave him alone and they told me no, but if I try to hold him he'll bite and scratch me, and he is beginning to just go up to my arms or hands and just bite it, I don't hit him or yell at him, I tried doing the "eek" but it didn't help, I've tried to pick up firmly so he gets use to me or show who's "boss". But nothing has helped so far. I don't know what else to do.
he wasn't like this in the beginning. They are 10 weeks old.


I'd try a different approach... maybe, instead of picking them up or trying to show them who's boss, let them get comfortable with you. These new bunnies are just that, new bunnies. Instead of coming to them and picking them up or trying to pet them right away, get to know your buns. Think of it like dating...

Lay down on the floor and just let your bunnies explore you. Let them sniff and climb and maybe even do a little digging (wear jeans and a thick sweatshirt or something, to avoid any accidental injury). Continue the loud *eek* and a little jerking motion if they really do hurt you, but don't even try to pet them unless they present their head to you for rubs. Your bunnies need to get comfortable with you before they'll be okay with you "doing anything" to them. Please understand, also, that there are bunnies that simply don't like to be picked up. As prey animals, they'd much prefer to have control over the situation and being on the ground on all four feet is one way they feel comfortable.

If all goes right, your buns will eventually warm up to you. I'd also look into getting them fixed when the time is right as well. This will ensure a long and happy life.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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