Hello, my 9 yr old Holland lop Chloe has completely stopped using her litter. After being perfectly literally trained her whole life. We have made no changes at all dietarily, environmentaly or otherwise.Other than being a little less active she seems normal.She's our only pet and she's spayed.She eats Timothy had (endless supply) and nightly pellets and occasional carrots, celery . Sometimes we give her things she shouldn't have like a piece of popcorn. (she loves it)
Does her refusal to use her litter mean she's sick ? How can I get her to use it again ? Thanks!


It does sound like something is going on, though I can't really say what, especially since she's still eating normally.
I would recommend, first things first, to avoid giving her popcorn and other things she shouldn't have. This will ensure any results you might get from vet visits are not skewed by elements that shouldn't be there. It's possible these extra "treats" could be messing with her organs now that she's an older bun.
Next thing I would suggest is a visit to the vet. I'd be getting blood work done and a body scan to ensure there's no abnormal growths, infections, or anything that would cause her to suddenly stop using her litter box.
If the tests come back normal, then it's something else. I'd also try increasing the time you spend with your bun (she could be lonely maybe??).

I'd be curious to see what your vet says, so please keep me posted on your course of action.




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