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Hey! Thank you for taking the time to read my questions!! I just need advice :)

My pet bun Oliver and his girlfriend had babies!!  I have decided to keep two of them but I am wondering about how to properly bond them (will Oliver be aggressive or territorial) and also about if and which ones to get fixed so they all get along.

So I have Oliver (buck) who is the dad. I am keeping a baby buck and a baby doe also.
Which ones do you think need to be fixed? And how should I best adapt Oliver to them?

Thank you again so much!!!


I would recommend getting them all fixed; Oliver, mamma, and the babies. Think about it like this: if one or more of the bunnies have hormones raging through them and the others don't, it will lead to hormone-driven aggressive territorial behavior as the unaltered bun "takes over" everything from food to toys and prime housing spots. It will also reduce the risk of reproductive cancer, which gets up to about an 80% risk of contraction by the age of two (it's why they don't live very long in the wild).

To introduce, get everyone fixed and then wait a few weeks for everything to clear out of their system. Keep your babies together and put their living space close to Oliver. Let Oliver get used to the smells and sight of his bun-panions. If possible, make a "common wall" for their play area so they can come right up to the gate (or cage, whatever) to greet and check each other out. If you have the common wall setup, you can also put a pile of hay on either side at the same spot so that if they want a nibble, they have to nibble together.

Let me know if what I've suggested ends up working. If not, I can give you some more assertive ways to bond them.


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