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Hi, first off I guess I'll tell you about her, my rabbit is almost 4 yrs old. She is neutered and is a house rabbit. I've noticed a few weird things over the past 2 weeks and now reading about it online I'm a bit worried about her. Over the last week or week in a half she has been eating less veggies like maybe half of what she was eating. She hasn't really ate any of her pellet food. I haven't given her anything new it's the same food since she was a baby. Over the last few weeks I also noticed I could hear her tummy gurgling frequently. Also her poop has been smaller and once and awhile there's some connected by hair. She is acting normal otherwise,same energy as usual and isn't in pain. At what point should I take her to the vet? I don't want to wait til it's too late but she is still eating and pooping just less then usual. Thanks for your time!


I have a few questions that will help me understand and, hopefully, put your mind at ease too:

What is her hay consumption like? The poo connected by hair means that hay consumption needs to increase.

I wouldn't be too worried about her pellets as they're a supplement to a normal rabbit diet anyway (pellets don't grow in the wild), but the greens consumption does worry me a little. Do you switch out what you feed her? I know sometimes my bun gets tired of the same thing over and over.

Tummy gurgles are also normal - you actually want to hear her gut moving things through. That's the sign of a healthy system. No worries there.

Let me know about these other things. I don't know that you're at the point where a vet visit is necessary, but definitely keep an eye on her activity level and cecotroph consumption. If anything changes for the worse with either of those areas, it's time to take her to see a professional.




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