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Hello. My name is Sophia. I am ten years old and I go to Bayshore Community Academy in Oconto. I am currently  doing a project on New Zealand  White Rabbits because I have two at the time and would like more information on them. I am almost done with my product  and I would like new information that I can not find on the internet. For instance, who was the founder of them. I would like specific details if possible.  I would greatly appreciate it if you did email back.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Sophia Szymanski


How wonderful that you're doing a report on rabbits! I'm glad to see you're interested in learning and sharing with your classmates. I'm not really sure what information I could share with you that you might not already have, since the internet is a wonderful resource for any and all breeds. I can offer two things for you:

1) Have you tried interviewing a veterinarian for your report - I think that might be an awesome and unique addition to your report and would most certainly deserve an A+.

2) I see you mentioned you already have rabbits so I'm sure you're experienced, but are there any specific questions regarding care or behavior I could answer for you?

Let me know!



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Christine Whetstone


I am not an expert on wild rabbits, only domesticated rabbits. I can answer questions regarding habitats, behavior, diet, health, pairing/bonding - pretty much anything having to do with owning a rabbit.


I've owned indoor rabbits for the last 10 years. During that time I've gained experience in areas like bonding exercises, understanding behavior, warning signs of sick bunnies, how to handle more serious illnesses (GI stasis, abscesses, eye problems, etc.) and more. It's rare that I come across an inquiry that I do not already know the answer to.

House Rabbit Society, supporter of local rabbit rescues


Personal experience beats the pants off of a degree, in my opinion.

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