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Hi, my female 9 month fuzzy lop rabbit is pooping stool covered in a yellowish/clear like gel. She wasn't eating last night or this morning so I gave her 5mL of emeraid. She is eating now and moving, but I just saw the poop and it happened after the emeraid. Should I be concerned or could it be a result of the high fiber content of the formula?


This is a little concerning, because obviously it's not normal. High fiber content would make her poo more firm, but I've not ever heard or experienced that it would cause this gel to form. It's possible this was making its way through her system as you gave her the emeraid, so that poo may "predate" the meds. What are the poos looking like now?

If they're still covered in this gel, grab a few as a sample for the vet and get her in to see the doctor asap.

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