I recently bought a rabbit named Hob-nobs(Mini-Lop breed)

He is an indoor rabbit and is allowed to free roam the whole house.
The problem is Hob-nobs is eating very little hay as he is only in his cage overnight.
     Would you have any advice?
Thank You


Don't be discouraged. Bunnies are sometimes a little persnickety about their hay selection. First thing I'll ask is (and I'm almost sure I already know the answer to this question) does he have access to that hay all day? Keep his cage open, and maybe try restricting his freedom - just a bit - to get him closer to the cage more frequently. He might just be so excited to be out and about that he forgets to eat.
As for other routes you can take, try a different brand of hay (if you can find it), or a different type. If you can find a feed store, you can also ask if they have second cut hay (it's a little finer than the hay you find in pet stores typically) and may be more to Hob-nobs liking. Last thing I'd suggest is maybe finding a pellet formula that's timothy hay based. That way you sort of "sneak" the hay in.

Best of luck!



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