My 3lb 6 month Holland lop doe was spayed on the 30th May.
I took her back to the Vet, at his request, the day after as she was lethargic, eating nothing, and appeared in pain. He did an ultrasound, and deemed her okay, but advised syringe feeding, with Critical care, which I was familiar with, and Metacam.
I proceeded to administer this for the next week. She nibbled on treats, and a little parsley, she was on Metacam, for the next 5 days, and did not GI Status. On the 6th April, I called saying there was no change, still on Critical Care, though I had lessened the feedings to now 3 a day,10 mil at a time, in the hope that she would start to eat on her own. Little Izzy has always been an Oxbow Baby, and an avid hay eater.But that didn't happened.
So on the 6th Izzy went to the Vet again, a 40 mile round trip drive. The Vet did an Ultrasound, and took blood again. Nothing was found, and of I go again. He said no more Metacam, and she should start eating....
She did start to eat a little hay, of which she had Oat Hay, Botanical, Orchard Grass, and Timothy, to choose from., however on the 10th hardly any  pellets were being produced, still no appetite, so I syringe fed her, and called the Vet. Yes off we went back to the Vet, they, yes, took blood and did another complete blood profile, and another ultrasound. Everything normal. They gave me more Metacam, and Metoclopromide, twice a day.  Today as I was told to do, I called the Vet to give them an up-date, and they said bring her in. I said No...
I told them I had asked to talk to the Vet, and I expect him to call me, and talking blood from her , stressing her out with 40 mile journey, giving her ultrasound, isn't working, She isn't getting better.
I sit here 4 hours after I called, still waiting to talk to a Vet, and wondering what I should do, where shall I go from here, and desperately trying to save my bunny, wishing I had Never had her spayed. Any help would be so appreciated. Izzy had a complete blood profile, before the surgery, and was a very robust, healthy bunny, with a very healthy appetite.

Hi Gina,

Did they give her the metoclopromide on your first trip or only on your last?  I prefer to use cisapride but they both have generally the same principle action.  I have found that post spay the cisapride works better for me.  My best suggestion to you is to keep giving her the metoclopromide and critical until she begins to eat.  Some rabbits take a while to recover from surgery but she should really be eating by now.  Do you have the ability to take her to a different vet?  It may be something to look into for the future.  Right now the best you can really do besides getting a second opinion is to keep feeding her the critical care.  I have had rabbits that were only critical care for many weeks before they recovered.

I wish I could offer you a better solution.  

Good luck



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