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There is a rabbit at the pet shop that I was consitering getting. The tip of her ear is torn and healed, and it's hanging at an angle. They said that they got her like that and one of her litter mates probably munched on it. I was wondering, if I do get her, do you have any reccomendations for this, like can it be fixed? The tip doesn't look dead. (It is not a detedetermining facor in wheather I get her or not.)
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The pet shop is probably correct - that it was munched on earlier in the bun's life. It might be fixable, but I don't think I would recommend it as it would be an unnecessary surgery on a rather tender and fragile part of her body. Lots of little blood vessels and nerves for what would inevitably be a cosmetic issue. If it doesn't bother her, don't let it bother you. :)

If I might also suggest, take a look at rescues/shelters in your area. By this time, many parents are returning their Easter rabbits to shelters and rescues after having learned that they're not so easy to own as they had anticipated. Many of these bunnies will languish in these shelters and rescues for months or years. You'd be saving two lives - the one you take home and the one that takes its place. Just a thought.

Best of luck to you Mia!



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