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I just got a mini rex buck about 5 days ago. He was just an angel until yesterday. Now he lunges I go anywhere near him and he is biting all the time. I have read that this might be due to sexual maturation (it happened overnight) but the lady I got him from said that he is only 10 weeks old. Is it even possible for that to be happening? I don't know what to do!

Hi Kelsie
10 weeks, if he is actually that young, is young for sexual maturity but hormones can start racing in bucks at a young age.

He is also still very new to you and his new routine, they are prey animals and live by fight or flight. I would recommend a vet check up to make sure that there isn't any pain causing this behaviour also.

Make sure you're not cornering him in a cage and he has room to run and hide if he does not want attention. The biting can result in a bunny learning that a bite means human goes away, so you need to make sure you're not cornering him causing him to bite and if he comes to you and nips, turn your back, say No! But do not move away. Wait for him to go away instead. If he comes to you in a curious and non aggressive manner, reward him with a pellet. Food is always the way to a bunny's heart.

Have a read of this site so you can read his body language, when he's displays g grumpy back off signals, don't go up to him.

It will take time to win his trust, in the meantime let him come to you and don't be tempted to over handle him.

Good luck!


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I have two 7 year old rescue rabbits and volunteer for a well established rabbit rescue here in the UK, both physically doing cleaning out etc and I am also their events and awareness co-oordinator, helping educate the general public on proper rabbit keeping, this means I have to ensure all information I give is correct and matches current welfare standards.

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