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Tina & Rui  
I had two beautifully bonded rabbits who were together since they were babies. When they hit puberty I seperated them with a wire pannel, in a way that they could still be with each other until the male was old enough to get neutered and 6 weeks after. I did not spay the female as I was afraid the doctor would not be knowledgable enough and she would be in so much pain after surgery, that she would stop eating and go into stasis. She was of course, the alfa but never a bully to him, they had a wonderfull 5 years together. Unfortunately, she died 3 months ago. It has been so sad to see our male all by himself, he now seems lost, even though we try to keep him as much company as we can. We tried to bond him with a 7 month old female (unspayed) and it did not work out. He imediately tryied to cuddle and groom her but she attacked him every time. I was ready with the water spray of course. After the 3 day of attacks he started to hate her and one time actually went after her to attack her. We gave her back. I though to try again with a baby female this time and do it little by little, do you think that would work? thank you so mucho for your help :)"


I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time rebonding your bun, and for your loss. Bonding is a really tough process, as I'm sure you already know. Any chance you are able to adopt a rabbit from a rescue? Many reputable rescues will allow you to do bunny speed dating so that you can ensure a match before bringing a new rabbit home and investing time falling in love. They will also usually will ask questions about your rabbits behavior to help pick out a few select rabbits for a mate. I would highly recommend using this process if at all possible.

best of luck, and please let me know if I can help further.



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