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Dear Pam Enve,

My 4-year old rabbit has been found to have overgrowth of two premolar in the upper left jaw. It caused inflammation of his left eye. A local veterinarian has given him terramycin ointment and antibotics injection. Later she extracted one premolar. I can feel slight moisture in his left eye while the same position of the right eye is dry. It seems that the other premolar is impinging on the tear duct. I can feel the intrusion of a tooth root into the skull when touching his head.

The local veterinarian suggested eradication of the other premolar. I feel that losing two premolar would kill his chewing ability of the left side. Do you have any suggestion?

I live in Shanghai, China. The medical facility for treating a rabbit is very limited. The veterinarian eradicated one tooth of the rabbit without any pain killer.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Daisy,

Rabbits can survive without their teeth.  We have had bunnies that have had all of their teeth extracted.  I would strongly recommend that if you do choose to have the other tooth removed that you suggest to the vet that they prescribe some pain medication.

If you have further questions I suggest that you contact Dr. Dana Krempels on this forum.  She has more extensive knowledge on medical conditions such as this.

Good luck



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