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Rabbits/no vet, Think ilius stasis


No money for vet. My 4 1/2 yr old, male, 20 lb Flemish Giant had 10 very stressful days while I was away on business. Not at home, confined to cage (no exercise), had attentions of very large Lab (interested, curious, probably barked too) and this is totally foreign to my bun, and then, of course, no me (we are like a bonded pair)  He only ate half of the food and water I provided for my absence, peed and pooped less (poop small, irregular, and some strung together)
I got him Monday am, it is now Thurs pm. He eats some, drinks some but not normal amount, eats the fresh veggies...will not take simethicone, I try to massage his belly for gas (pretty big to do by myself)
I read conflicting treatments...pineapple (fresh or frozen, I have some frozen) that would give him enzymes to help keep the good bacteria stronger (several people and a vet "swear" by it, others say that its bad, that the sugar in it feeds the bad bacteria) and then about trying probiotics ( some say absolutely wonderful results, others say its not the kind rabbits need)
I am desperate to help my baby. So worried, staying up with him all night to be there if he gets worse, terrified of that. He tries to poop but not much comes out. Please help. Would a warm water enema help? Could it make things worse?
You may decide to privatize this if other people would try it themselves without a vet...I understand that...


No pineapple - too much sugar - and no enema either. That wouldn't help here.
There's a product called Critical Care that some pet stores carry (also found at the vet with no Rx needed). You'll also need a plunger syringe to feed your bun if he doesn't willing eat it. Make it according to the directions and that should help. Sounds like he's really stressed out and will need some time to recover.
You can also try some baby food to get some nutrients in him.

Let me know if this helps!



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