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Rabbits/24hr old kit has red/blood urine


I have a litter of Champagne rabbits, or kits, just a little over 24 hours old. The mother and two kits died during the birthing process. I have been feeding these babies kitten formula. There were 4 that survived. One of them has urinated blood the last two times I have stimulated him. I have done some online research and saw where bilirubin can cause red urine. I remembered with 3 of my children they had high bilirubin when born and I was instructed to give them sugar water in between feedings. I also read that possible it was a sign of
dehydration. Anyway, I just gave the kit about 1/2cc water. I would like to confirm
1) that they are to be fed every 12 hours and no more than that.
2) what should I do for the baby with the red urine? I'm just throwing this out there, I do have cranberry/apple juice in the house as well. As you may can tell, I've never done this before and I surely do not want to cause any harm to these babies.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


This is serious... this is potentially a sign of liver disease or a blood disorder. A vet is required immediately. Too much sugar is not good for any bun, much less such a young one. I'd recommend seeking immediate professional assistance.

I'm sorry I can't help you further, but this is outside of any home remedy available to even the most savvy bunny owner. Best of luck.



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