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I would like to know what to use to bunny proof my room (something pretty affordable... everything online is $300 and up) and also I would like to know if there's anything I can use to get her to stop chewing holes in the carpet. She destroys it. Lastly, how do I get her to use a litter box? She just goes in her cage which is making her smell funny but I've been told not to give her a bath.

Hi Kirbi!

Lots of questions - good questions. I'll do the best I can to provide you with all the information I have available. Here we go...

Bunny proofing a room - without knowing too much about your particular set up, I'd recommend play gates. You can buy several and connect them together if the length of one isn't enough. I'd recommend finding ones that are at least 3 ft tall if you can. The idea though, is that you can buy multiple ones to block off entire areas of the house. Here's links to a few for ideas:

The large one is where I'd start looking to get the size you'll need to be safe for this one (bunnies can jump REALLY high when they want to) - http://www.petco.com/product/118710/Petmate-Exercise-Pen-in-Black.aspx?CoreCat=O

Here's another one - http://www.petco.com/product/11368/Precision-Pet-Black-Ultimate-Exercise-Pens.as

Another one - http://www.petco.com/product/113679/WARE-Clean-Living-Small-Animal-Playpen.aspx?

Cord covers are another good idea. Flex tubing works well for that. Obviously nothing is entirely safe from the razor-sharp incisors of a bunny's front teeth, but this would maybe buy you enough time to run them off from impaling your laptop cord. In the end, it's best to not risk it and keep all your cords up out of the way, or gated off. I know that's not always possible though. Have you considered running cords under the carpet? It takes some skill, but it's an easier solution than cord covers.

To solve the carpet situation, two things I'd suggest - a tight weave play carpet, like what you'll see in daycare centers. They can't get their teeth into the weave since it's so low and tight, and it saves any potential accidents from doing real damage.
The second thing I'd suggest is more toys. Lots and lots of toys. She's bored. When bunnies are bored, they get destructive. I'd invest in several good ones and swap them out about once every two to four weeks. She'll think they're new toys and spend all her time chinning and playing.

A great place that I go for some quality toys that my buns still love: http://www.happyrabbittoys.com/

Here's a website I use for ideas on making homemade toys if you have some time and are crafty enough - hit up their message boards too... there are bunny lovers all over who have come up with REALLY fun ideas: http://rabbit.org/tag/toys/


The litter box thing. If she's using the cage and not just going anywhere, you're actually in really good shape. Some bunnies just don't give a crap - literally. Is she going in any one particular corner of the cage? Start paying attention to that. If she goes in the same spot(s) for three weeks or so, that's where you put her litter box. I fill mine with used/uneaten hay (just to get some use out of it since they're so darn picky), and then top it off with used/dirty bedding to soak up urine. Mine don't like yesterdays news or care fresh or any of those... they're picky... but don't let that discourage you from trying a few different fillers to see what she likes best.

It's rare to find someone who knows a bunny can be litter box trained. It's even less common to find someone who knows that you don't ever really pick the spot where the litter box goes.. they do. Just like I was mentioning about how picky mine are with their filler, they're just as particular with where they go. I wish I had better news for you on that one, but hopefully she's picked her place and you can make a smooth transition into box usage.

Please, above all else, don't give her a bath.

Hope all this helps - let me know if you have any other questions. Best of luck!



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