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Rabbits/bunny's tummy looks so big and hard


I have a bunny is about 1 and 6 months. He is a male.. since  yesterday i found out his tummy looks different than usual.. i can hear the rumbling from his tummy.. he still eager to eat until now.. i gave him a little massage on his tummy and he pees a lot after that.. but his poop isn't as usual.. don't have  any shape but not even watery... i gave him oxbow papaya tablet and feed him honey... in this morning his tummy was not big n hard anymore.. but when i'm back from work around 5 i found his tummy is big and hard again.. and his poop still not in shape.. and i gave him another tablet of papaya ( oxbow) again.. and gives him a massage and after i gave him a massage he pees again .. i wonder what happen to him.. is it a gas static in his tummy or something block his intestine? And something quite strange.. and i think he start to pull his own fur... #stressful.. tq


Sorry to hear your bunny isn't well. This is something a vet really needs to look at quiet urgently as it sounds like bloat - which can be a very serious problem in rabbits. It can be caused by gas or a blockage, only a vet really feeling the gut will be able to tell. Do you have access to a good vet?

They should feel the gut for formed poops rather than the mushy stuff you have been seeing. He will likely need a gut stimulant (metoclopramide is the most commonly used one) and a painkiller (mostly use metacam), and syringe feeding (provided it's not a blockage) with a high fibre formula such as Critical Care (by Oxbow), Fibreplex (by Protexin) or Recovery (by Supreme).

He may also need testing for parasites or bacterial infections which could have triggered this episode of bloat, such as EC.

Good luck!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

poop in this morning after gave prokolin
poop in this morning a  

poop in this afternoon
poop in this afternoon  
Yesterday i brought my bunny to the vet.. she gave him pro kolin.. it is for 3 days.. i found his tummy from belly to backward when i touched them is round kinda like swollen inside.. his pee is normal.. his poop in the morning i found 2 of them strange in shape and other normal.. now when i got home i found his poop looks dark brown n smelly and not hard at all.. and touched his tummy again still round but he doesn't feel hurt when i touch.. i suspicious it is hairball.. what do u think, cat? He still eats all his meal.. i gave him manuka honey too
. Tq CAt


How is he doing now? If the belly still feels odd and the poos aren't right he needs to go back to the vet. He would be better being fed high fibre food and not honey, like Critical Care, but not if there's a blockage!

Definitely have another chat with the vet if he still isn't right!

Good luck


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