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My 3-year-old rabbit is currently undergoing treatment for sinus (there's been pus in one eye/nostril). She's taking antibiotics once a day (the vet never specified which one) and recently she's been off her food. She hasn't eaten for the past few hours, but is still drinking water. She is always grinding her teeth and seems to stagger (keeps repositioning herself). I've tried to feed her diced carrots. She hasn't been pooping like usual- her stools are small and clump together. I cannot get her to a vet right now. Is there anything I can do for her? Should I stop the antibiotics?


She sounds like she may be going into stasis... not good. I understand if you can't get her to see a vet, but is it possible to get her a prescription for benebac? The antibiotics are killing the natural bacteria in her digestive system and benebac will restore that balance.

I'd also suggest finding a pet supply store that sells critical care, then prepare/serve as directed. If not, try baby food. No carrots though - too high in sugar. Find something like spinach or peas, something with more nutrition, to jump start her system.

Let me know how you make out, and best of luck!



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