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We came home yesterday to our rabbits cage been torn open, we presume by a dog. Our bunny was hiding under the deck and so we brought him inside. He was very scared and would barely move, I checked him over but he has no visible injuries. He was eating and drinking but not as much as usual. But today he has barely eaten at all, just a few coriander leaves and as far as I can tell he hasn't pooed or peed all day. He has been slightly more active, but only to run away from us if we go towards him, yesterday he was allowing us to pick him up. Is it normal for a rabbit to go into a state of shock and just take a while to recover from it?


Absolutely. Bunnies are traumatized when you go away on vacation, even if you leave them in the care of a qualified person. If the cage was torn open and he had escaped to hide, he must have been terrified. Your story is one of many I've heard and is one of the reasons why I strongly advocate for bringing a bun indoors. Is there any way you can do that? It might speed up his "recovery time" as he would feel much safer indoors.

To jumpstart his system, I might recommend some critical care and benebac. The critical care will give him much needed nutrients until he gets his appetite back and the benebac will help to balance the bacteria in his gut and get/keep things moving through his system.

Best of luck!



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