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My English angora has small droppings and feels bony. I give him plenty to eat and plenty to drink 24 hours a day. Nothing is working. Please help.


Sounds like he might be underweight and needing some nutrition. Do you feed him hay? If not, introduce that into his diet and allow him to have it at all times. To help him gain weight quickly, I'd recommend Alfalfa Hay. It's high in fat, so once you see him gaining weight I'd start mixing in orchard grass or timothy hay to even out the weight gain, eventually moving to an all timothy or orchard diet.

Also, I might recommend feeding some greens once or twice a day. Introduce greens one at a time so you don't upset his tummy, but they have a remarkable range of things they can eat, and I find that keeps my bun's poo consistent.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Best of luck!



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