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Rabbits/male rabbit with both reproduction organs


my friend has 5 new zeland hairs shes been raising them for 7yrs we recently aquired these 5 with no background on them except that one might have been pregnant the woman who had them knew nothing on how to raise them or anything she kept what she thought was a female with a male in the same cages.we have recently breed 2 of the females with the males and no babies. we checked this male called storm today because we found him pulling hair and building a nest so to be sure he was a male we rechecked and found not only a penis but above his testies a female opening as well. we r at a loss as what to do.please help


Any chance you have a rabbit-savvy vet nearby? If he really is a he/she and is pregnant, there could be some complications you might not be prepared for. I don't know that I've ever heard of something like this before, and frankly I'd rather you get a professional medical opinion on what the best course of action is here.

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