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About two days ago I noticed that my rabbits testicles are hanging quite low. They both look empty... like there is nothing inside on them. I was wondering if this is normal...

Also, recently when he is lying down and is stretched out resting, he shakes (as if to be panting)? Is this normal too?


That's weird... and so is this request. Any chance I can see a picture of what they look like? (I feel awkward even asking). I can't figure why they'd be doing that.

If I might make a suggestion, at some point maybe look into fixing your bun. Cases of reproductive cancer reach about an 80% likelihood by the age of 2 for rabbits. Getting him fixed will ensure a longer life.

He shakes... it could be he's laying to one side and therefore isn't as stable. I know when my bun lays down in the sphinx position or with his feet kicked out to the side, if his nose moves at all, you see the motion through his whole body. Does that sound like what's happening, or is it a more violent shake?

Hope this helps. Best of luck!



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