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my one month old bunny has a runny nose and sneezing that has been progressively worsening rather quickly. hes eating, drinking, and pooping normally and he's moving around with no problem. he does occasionally breath heavily but i believe thats from the heat. the wetness around his nose seems a bit yellowy, but doesnt pay special attention to it when grooming himself. is there any way you could give me a diagnoses (or range of possibilities) and maybe some at home remedies to help him if not severe. a vet visit is last resort due to financial troubles. please help!


Two big culprits of these symptoms are bedding and hay. I'd suggest making a change with one or the other and seeing if that solves the issue first, before we get into whether or not your bun is sick (especially since all other behavior is completely normal).

I know this is a broad answer, so please feel free to write back if you'd like specific suggestions. I don't know what you're currently using, so any details you can share would help greatly.

Best of luck!



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