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QUESTION: 3 of my 5 bunnies have developed an enlarged nose. It doesn't seem to bother them. They eat, drink and play just fine. Just not sure what I should do for them?

ANSWER: Angelica,

Are there any legions? Raw spots?
Discharge from the nose or weeping eyes?
Have you had their teeth checked out?

There are several things this could potentially be, depending on the answers to some of these questions. It could be anything from an infection to a tumor, but I'm not really sure based on what you've shared.

Let me know and I'll be glad to help further. Cheers!


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inflammed nose
inflammed nose  
inflammed nose
inflammed nose  
QUESTION: There's no discharge or lesions. I've attached a couple of pictures  so you can see what I'm talking about. No weeping  of the eyes. An I haven't had their teeth checked out. I haven't been able to find a vet near me that cares for domestic rabbits.
Thank you

ANSWER: Angelica,

Oh my... ok. Are there any rabbit rescues near you? When I say near you, I guess I'm asking if there are any that are within a distance you could somehow get to if you needed to? I would reach out to this network and see who they use for medical care. These bunnies are absolutely adorable and I'd hate to misdiagnose - honestly I'm not even sure what this is, but it looks like an infection.

What area are you in? I can see if I can find some recommendations for you.


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QUESTION: I'm in devine tx south of San Antonio tx. I don't know of any place that will cate for them at a reasonable  price.

I reached out to my network and it's been suggested that your bunnies could be suffering from syphilis.  Check the corners of the eyes and mouth and the genital areas for similar inflammation. You can get what you need at the local vet, namely penicillin, BUT it MUST be injected only. No cillins by mouth and NO amoxicillin by any route.

Some places you can contact for additional vet resources:
There is The North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary in Lewisville/Garland area and The Bunny Burrow Rabbit Rescue in Wataga.

Reach out to these guys and see who they use.  

Best of luck to you, and I hope this helps!


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