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My rabbit is a Lionhead rabbit and he's 7 months old and one of his eye has crust around it the other is missing some hair in front of it and the hair near his eye closest to his nose is all clumped together. what does this mean and how do I fix it. Thanks!

Hi ciara,

Unfortunately weepy eyes can be any number of problems. With the situation you are describing I would be concerned about a possible pasteurella infection which can cause runny eyes and nose as well as sneezing and white thick nasal discharge. However, it is also possible that the rabbit has a bordetello infection or an allergic reaction, or a dental problem.

The easiest way to solve this problem would be to take the bun to a qualified rabbit vet and have them do a culture on the discharge as well as check the teeth. Malformed or overgrown teeth can put pressure on the rabbits sinus cavities which causes weepy eyes.

If you are insisting on treating at home, id first quarentine him away from any other rabbits and remove anything new from the rabbits cage such as a new hay or shavings. I'd then start a broad spectrum antibiotic series, either baytril if you can get it or penG injections if you can not get baytril. If doing antibiotics please ensure you are adding a probiotic to your rabbits food or water. You will need to consult a medical chart for dosage for your bun since I do not know the weight.

If antibiotics do not immediately show an effect on the weepy eyes, I would take him in to have the discharge cultured and his teeth checked.

Good luck!


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