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So relaxed
So relaxed  
Hi, I wanted to let you know how much your article on GI stasis is.
After treating my rabbit for the sixth time for stasis. I couldn't help but to look for a reason why.
Your article helped a great deal. I brought my rabbit to Willingboro vet in New Jersey and they have been treating my rabbits since I brought them home. They got us through the blockage, but now I need to work on preventing this from happening again. My rabbit is showing signs again of the beginnings of another round with a blockage and it's only been a week since last one. Your article has put me on the road to ending this once and for all.
I think my rabbits biggest issue is hay. He refuses it most of the time . I have taken all pellets away and only feed a variety of greens along with orchard grass, third cut Timothy, meadow grass and even alfalfa. He still refuses to eat his hay. I can't help but think this is his issue. He is also a very anxious rabbit. He hates to be pet or sat with. Sometimes he'll let me rub his neck for a minute and then runs away. His brother is the complete opposite. He loves attention and hay. He had one bout of stasis in 3 years and that was due to us moving.

Once again. I am just letting you know I found your article life saving for my rabbits.

Thank you
Maryann Farrell

Dear MaryAnn,

I'm glad you've found the article helpful.  Thank you for your kind words.

However, I do want to point out one thing:  the failure to eat hay might not be the *cause* of his problem.  It could be a *symptom*.

Rabbits with selective or picky eating habits often have dental problems that not every vet can easily detect.  Molar spurs far in the back can be too painful or annoying for bun to want to eat hay (which makes his jaws move more side-to-side, and could cause poking or scraping), but not too sore to eat treats or pellets (which make the jaw move more up and down).

Please read:


for complete information on this very common problem (especially in lops, with their shortened faces).  It will help you know what to ask the vet when you go in for a dental exam.

Be sure to have a vet who is *very* experienced with rabbit dentistry for this, since you don't want to miss anything.  Some rabbits are very sensitive even to very small spurs, and filing them down can make a HUGE difference to your bunny's quality of life.

Check the vet referral list here:


I hope this helps.



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