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Rabbits/Gladiolus - poisonous or not?


Hi Cat

I'm trying to find out if Gladiolus is a poisonous plant for rabbits to eat, or not.

I have 1 vet telling me my rabbit has a 50% chance of not making it... and another vet (who is a rabbit/small animal specialist) telling me that the plant doesn't feature on any list of poisonous plants that he has access to!

So, opposite ends of the spectrum as you can see.

Have you come across this before? Do you have any tips as to where I could look for more info if you're not sure?



Hi Ryan

I had a quick look around and it would appear that this plant family does have a level of toxicity, and is listed as toxic to dogs, cats and horses, which I would take as toxic to other furries and us too. When it comes to more exotic plants they often don't feature on the usual bunny toxicity lists, they are more focused on toxic weeds and very common house plants they're more likely to come in contact with.

I hope your bunny will pull through!



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