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How much does a rabbit vet bill cost? how many times do rabbits go to the vet in their life?

Dear Simone,

Veterinary care for a rabbit can vary tremendously from geographic area to geographic area and from vet to vet.  A simple office visit can range from $40 to more than $100, depending on where you live or whom you see.  Likewise, I've heard price quotes for spay/neuter range from $90 to $600.  So it pays to shop around and find a vet who not only knows a lot about rabbits, but also charges reasonable fees.

I've sometimes heard of vets who are NOT familiar with rabbit medicine charging exorbitant rates, and I wonder if they are trying to discourage a client from saddling them with a patient they don't feel comfortable treating!  If so, then run--don't walk--to a different vet.  You can find listings of vets who are competent with rabbits here:

A rabbit should have a wellness check at the vet at least once a year. Healthy, young rabbits should have annual blood work and other diagnostics to establish a baseline to which later values can be compared, as the rabbit ages.  How many times your rabbit will visit the vet during his lifetime depends on his lifespan and overall health.  Obviously, a rabbit with chronic health problems will visit the vet more often than a healthy one.  But if you follow the guidelines of the House Rabbit Society for proper diet, housing, and care, then your rabbit will have the best chance of having a long, healthy life.

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