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Rabbits/i am not sure what disease my bunny have!!!I NEED A URGENT HELP,ITS BEEN ALMOST 2 WEEKS NOW AND HE IS NOT GETTING BETTER.


testical wounds
testical wounds  

his litter bes
his litter bes  
hi Dana,
myself devendra and i am from india.i have a male dutch rabbit named spencer and he is 3.5 years old now.he maybe around 2kg but now he lost so much weight.
On the night of 24 th august he start showing sign of illness,he is not eating his meal as he used and his activity was reduced to 30% of his usual first i got worried that he might have GI stasis cause i already lost one of my bunny cause of GI stasis couple of years ago,so i gave him a tummy massage which i read it on many bunny dedicated sites and helped me with him in past.when i am giving him massage i felt he had a high i put him back inside his cage and went to sleep cause i dont want to stress the poor fellow.on the very next day i searched for a nice vet near me,and i found one who is specialized in small animals and birds which is kinda rare in my country.
so i talked to him,he told me to visit his clinic and let his attendant(who also have a diploma in veterinary)check my bunny.i went to his clinic, i told the attendant about the symptoms and body he took his body temperature and he have a fever of 103.5,then the attendant called the vet and told him about the fever and they gave my bunny a painkiller and antibiotic injection and a antibiotic syrup (cefy dry syrup .25 ml twice for 5 days as a follow up.but after one day his posture is getting more weird i panicked and called my vet and told him about the progress he told me to come to his clinic tomorrow.
so i took my bunny to the vet again he checked his temperature again and he has a slight high temperature,he asked me if i am giving anything for fever and all i said no so he prescribed me Ibugesic Plus(  .5 ml whenever my has high fever and
a mutlivitamin (proviboost - ) 5 drops daily for a week.
so after one day he start eating a bit more now and drinking too but now the only thing that is worrying me to death that he is not doing poop at all,he do pee thou but not much as he used to do when he was after couple of days i called my vet again and told him that spencer looked week and he is making some very weird posture again and he haven't poop from last 3 days at all he is only vet asked me if he is eating food or not i told him yes he is but not as much he used too,then he asked me the color of his urine,i told him it is yellowish then he told me that he might have he told me to add some glucose in his water not too much just 1 teaspoon in a big bowl to give him some energy and continue the prescribed medicine.after 2 days(his antibiotic dose ended one day before) he start eating again like normal(carrot and his fav treat apple,which he refused to eat earlier) and pooped after four days,i was so happy after 1 week he is eating and pooping again properly.he pooped a lot but there is something in his poop its not in liquid form but its not normal as it used to be but i thought it might due the slow GI he had been the very next day i took him to vet for a follow up check up cause he is eating but still look vet said it will take some time to recover so i should continue the multi vitamin and glucose water for 1 more week so he can recover fast and gave me a liver tonic cause of jaundice for 1 week 1.5 ml daily.i came home and gave him the liver day (this Wednesday) when i wake up i saw something unusual in him he is not sitting properly and looking so weak,but that time i had to rush to eye specialist cause i hurt my eyes in a freak accident so i decided to check on him when i come back home.
i came back home with a eye patch on my left eye,ran straight to my room and checked my bunny.he is moving on his front legs only,i got worried and picked him up carefully.his testicles is all red and inflamed with his feces stuck on it.
i cleaned the feces,called my vet to come to my home cause i cant drive due to eye injury,he told me not to worry apply a ointment on his testicle.but still i am worried so my dad took us to the vet's clinic,his attendant checked his testicles and told me to apply the ointment vet told me to apply.i went home feeling depressed did what my vet told me to do.wake up next morning his situation get worsen,he is in i pick him to check his testicle and i saw a swollen testicle with a bit of skin coming out of it.i panicked called my vet and told him about the current status of my rabbit balls,he told me to send him the pics ASAP.i took the as many pics possible with the help of my nephew and sent it to my vet,he called me and told me that my bunny has infection and they have to give him a antibiotic injection and a pain killer injection for 3 days. i went to his clinic and his attendant gave Spencer those injection and applied a ointment(lorexane ointment -[@ID$eq$PRODUCT_171]& ) on the inflamed area and told me to apply it at night.after couple of hours he start moving on his four feet but i can see the weakness on his rear legs,i am less worried now cause he is eating pooping peeing and now moving night when i picked him up to apply the ointment i saw puss on his testicles,i called my vet in the middle of the night and he sounded tensed too cause he is trying his best to make Spencer healthy again.he is out of town so he cant check spencer from last 1 week,my vet told me if that ointment is hurting him or burning him i said i cant tell cause he don't even make a sound but he do shiver he said apply it in very lite quantity.the very next day when his attendant came to my house for spencer second dose of injection the amout of puss has increased then last night,his attendant took a pic of it and send it to the told him to stop using that ointment and not to give painkiller cause it slows down the antibiotic function's,he told to give multivitamin instead of the pain killers.attendant told me to buy a neosporin powder ( and apply it on the inflamed area twice bunny is eating drinking but his poop is decreasing again,while applying the powder i noticed feces stuck in his i try to take it out carefully but when i did,i saw a white sticky thread coming out with it which is connected to another feces i guess and break down when i put a bit force in it.then i realized i saw the very same sort of feces stuck on a white thread the day i first noticed my bunny have inflammation but i forget it cause of panic.after seeing that i didnt worry cause i thought it was cause of the injection and all,and keep applying that powder on his testicles.again i noticed something new his chest,he has couple of spot where there is no fur and a wound sort of thing so i clean that with betadin solution and applied powder on it. next day the attendant came give him a injection,the puss is all gone from his testicle but they are still swollen. he told me just keep applying the powder daily for twice,it will be fine in a week.i was happy cause no more injection for him,i have a huge hope that he will get fine soon cause he is eating and drinking(a lot sometime he stand there for a very long period put his chin over the bowl edge.last night while applying the powder i noticed that he is grinding his teeth a lot and the fur less area has increased(i think it is because of the antibiotic or his urine or flea attack) so i cleaned it again and applied the powder there too.i gave him ibugesic plus cause he is in pain and he cant even sleep properly,the only place he sleeps properly from last three days is his litter bed and i keep him moving from there cause he is already having a urine burn i guess (i am changing his bedding twice daily).today when i woke up he is moving more then yesterday he is finishing his meal eating almost like when he was normal but while applying the powder on his testicles i saw another feces stuck on his anus,i knew i will see a white thread thing again so i pulled it again and i saw it again,and he havent pooped properly from last 3 days so i gave him 3 drops of digyton ( ) cause it helped him many times before.this time i panicked and call my vet and told him,he asked me did i ever de-wormed my bunny i told him no i didnt then he told me to give him bandy plus syrup (ivermectin 3mg & albendazole 400mg in 10ml - )
1 ml once every morning for 3 days.
i asked him when he is coming back to his clinic he told me tomorrow or day after tomorrow.
i forget to mention one more thing spencer is having a urine leakage from almost 1 i google down everything he is gong through.after hours of reading on internet and varies rabbit society he might have a normal worm in his stomach with a UTI  or he might have E.cuniculi. i dont know what he has,all i know is that my poor bunny is suffering a lot from past two week and there is nothing i can do that can make him healthy.pardon my english and grammar.
there are two ways he can get infection on his testicle
1)that liver tonic did side effect on him, he peed a lot and sat on it for a long time that cause a urine burn.and he is not moving properly cause he has swollen testicles.

2) he might have E.cuniculi and because of it he cant use his rare legs so whenever he moved his testicles get scratched on floor or the cloth which later turned into a infection.and he is not moving properly cause it is one of the symptoms of this disease.

his current status is he is eating almost everything(he is eating carrot,mint leaves,radish top (he is eating that alot from past 2 weeks,he is not eating hay or grass or anything like he is eating radish top)).he is in pain i can tell it by the fact he is grinding his teeth and his posture.
he do pee 2-3 times a day and i think he feel pain when ever he do it,he do lick his pee afterwards and sit over it for a long time but i made him move from there.
still i dont see any feces on his litter bed or in his cage.
he is hungry for food thou specially carrot but i am not giving him cause it may help slow his bowel movement which is already blocked from last 2 days.
i read that albendazole and ivermectin is not good for rabbit so i am not giving that to spencer until the vet check him personally.
please help me out here, i really dont know what is happening to spencer and which diseases he got.
and my vet has not much option cause in india there is not so many test and stuff available for small animal,i cant even find a proper litter for my bunny here i have to make it by my self with the help of cloths and newspaper(he is litter trained ),please check the attachments.
hope and pray spencer get well soon.
thanks a lot for giving your precious time on my problem.
thanks a lot in advance.
devendra and spencer.

Dear Devendra,

There are several possibilities that come to mind here.

1.  Spencer could have a urolith (stone in his bladder) or bladder sludge that is causing him pain and urinary leakage.  Please read:

I hope your vet can take radiographs ("x rays") of his bladder, because then you will know for sure if he has stones or sludge (very few types are radio-translucent, and they usually will show up very clearly if the stones are there).

2.  He could have a urinary tract infection caused by bacteria that are not sensitive to the antibiotics you are currently giving him.  Please find out the name of the antibiotics he has gotten so far.  (I think one is cephalexin, from the description, but am not sure.  This is not an antibiotic of first choice for rabbits.)

It is also vital that he *stay* on antibiotics once they are started, to be sure to kill all the bacteria possible.  Stopping too soon or giving too low a dose can be worse than no antibiotics at all.

3.  For E. cuniculi, I would treat even if you are not sure.  If the vet can get ponazuril (Marquis, made by Bayer) and Panacur (fenbendazole), those have been very good for us, and we have seen good results using both drugs together.  (ponazuril 20mg/kg once per day and fenbendazole 20mg/kg once per day).

4.  His odd posture, urine spotting, and leakage suggests that his bladder is causing him pain.  What pain medication is he getting, and at what dose?  Meloxicam is safe and effective, and our vets are now using it at a dose of 1mg/kg (much higher than the original dose thought safe).  Caution:  NSAIDs like meloxicam and any corticosteroids will reduce blood flow to the kidneys and can cause problems in a rabbit with compromised kidneys.  Be sure he is well hydrated if you use meloxicam.

5.  His urine looks very dark and concentrated.  That's good because it indicates his kidneys are working and concentrating urine.  But very dark urine also can mean he is dehydrated and in need of supplemental fluids.  This can happen when a bunny is not eating and drinking enough for a while.  I would ask the vet about giving Spencer a few days' subcutaneous fluid therapy.  It will almost certainly make him feel better and stronger.

If he has bladder sludge, subQ fluids will help him flush it out.

6.  To improve his GI motility (slow GI also can cause pain and gas, and that just complicates things), try this enema procedure:

It is AMAZING how fast a safely-performed enema can get a GI tract moving again, but be cautious and consult your vet.

I will be posting an updated article on how to do a rabbit enema today, and you will be able to find it here:

I hope you and your vet will find it useful.  Also, please see:

To keep Spencer comfortable and avoid the urine burn that may have caused the infection on his scrotum, use this procedure:

I hope some of this will help, and that at least you will be able to get a more accurate diagnosis with some of these suggestions.

Please feel free to share this with your vet, and thank that wonderful vet for caring about a bunny and going that extra mile to help!




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