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QUESTION: Hi Dana Madam,
Spencer is very active now days,he is not on meds anymore. :D
He is eating a lot as compare to his previous diet.
its been more then a week since i stop giving him that deadly anti biotic,i gave him Questran for 5 days.

But today while cleaning his cage and making his litter bed,i checked his cecotropes which is bit odd in shape.
they are bit soft in shape but not like a paste or in a liquid form,i panicked a bit and i gave him Questran again.
he is still eating like a cute little beast right now.but i am bit worried cause you said the side effect of that anti biotic comes in action after a week.

So madam should i continue giving him Questran for some more time???

i am sending you couple of picture of his poop.
his diet consist of mint leaves,radish top and grass(he dont eat grass that much thou,i stopped giving him carrot and other treats from last one week).

his poop might be normal,sometime i get a bit paranoid and anxious.

i already lost one bunny because of my ignorance and vet's wrong way of treatment.

thanking you again,
Devendra and spencer the beast

ANSWER: Dear Devendra,

Those poops appear to have a LOT of hair in them.  Was Spencer shedding a lot before he got sick?  He might have been having trouble passing all that hair.

I'd have to look under the microscope to be sure the fibers are fur, but that's what it looks like.  So it's actually a very GOOD thing to see that, since it means the fur is passing out of his gut, instead of being stuck in his stomach.

I would continue to give the Questran for a full 10-14 days, just to be safe.  Keep him well hydrated so that hairy poop is easier to pass.  Fresh greens will help, too.

I'm glad he's feeling well!  I wonder if all his misery was just so much fur in his intestines. That can make you feel pretty bad.

You did a great job taking care of him!  Good bunny mom!


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QUESTION: Hi Dana Madadm,

First of all thank a lot for your precious time.

Spencer always clean himself like a lot and yes his hair was falling a lot before he got sick.

I will continue the Questran for 8 more days (i already gave him 2 days of dosage till now).

Madam my vet gave him a Ivermectin Injection (.2 ml on Skin (SC) ),but i didnt see any worms in his litter till now.
should we repeat the dose after 14 days or not????

And after reading your reply , i am bit relieved cause i thought he is having a runny stool or diarrhea.

he is eating lot of fresh greens,like before he is not drinking water (before he got sick). i guess he dont like water :P.
when ever he get ill he start drinking water but when he is happy he just eat the greens like a monster.

he is getting healthy i can feel it,after a long time he followed me to  balcony and spent some time marking his tertiary.
his sleeping posture is back to normal,his wounds are dry now(waiting for it to fall from his skin).

but i m still worried about his urine,i will take him to the state veterinary hospital next week for x-ray.

his urine is very dark and he still leaving spots.
i also noticed a orange or brownish spot on his penis once,i talked to my vet he told me to collect his urine for some test.
its pretty hard to collect his urine cleanly but i will give it a try.
my vet told me there is a very nice ayurvedic medicine for stones and urine infection for pets. we can also try that option if he has infection or stone.he also said his urine is dark cause of his meds,we will wait for some time it usually come back to normal in couple of weeks or a month.
but on a safe side i will collect his urine and have a x- ray ASAP.

thanks a lot again for your precious time and amazing guidance which saved my bunny life.

we will never forget your help madam :D
P.S: i am more like a dad thou(cause i am a guy not a girl) :P

thanking you a lot,
Devendra and spencer
Devendra and Spanecer

ANSWER: Hi, Devendra

Sorry for mistaking your name for that of a girl!  8P  People do that to me all the time, because Dana can be a name for either a male or a female.  (I'm female, though, so the "Madam" is correct.) sounds as if things are under control.  If the urine is still dark after he's finished with his meds (wait about a week), then Spencer might need a bit of Subcutaneous fluid therapy to get him back to normal hydration.  But if he's eating plenty of wet greens, that should keep him hydrated.

I hope all will be well and that he'll have no more trouble!

You're a great bunny DAD!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Dana Madam,

Thanks a lot for your warm wishes,spencer is doing great now.

sorry for such a delayed reply been busy with work and all.

hahaha this is the first time someone misjudged my name(devendra is male name :P ).

his urine is getting normal,he is off meds now only taking vitamin syrup.

he start to act normal now...i feel so relieved and happy.

thanks a lot madam for your guidance and help.

me and spencer wouldnt made it without your and my vet help and guidance.
even my vet said thank you too,he learned many new things about rabbit.

thanks a lot madam for everything,god bless you!!!

Thanking you a lot (to the infinity)
Devendra and spencer

Hi Devendra

I'm so happy to hear that Spencer is fine now!  I'm glad your vet was receptive to all the information.  You're lucky you'll have a great rabbit vet for him in the future, and you can tell all your rabbit-loving friends, too.

Stay well!



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