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Hi, I found a rabbit in my yard this morning and noticed it wasn't moving so I went to investigate. I picked it up and saw that one of it's legs was bleeding a bit, bent out of normal shape, and limp. Although it's not my pet, I would like to nurse it back to health as much as possible. I have wrapped the leg in tissue and gauze. Is there anything more I can do?

Thank you

It sounds like the rabbits leg has been broken, possibly by an animal attack. If it is a domestic rabbit, it absolutely needs a vet. If it is a wild rabbit, you will need to contact a wild life rehabilitation volunteer in your area who can assist you. They will take the rabbit to a wildlife veterinarian. I do not know what area you are in so could not give you a list. Please DO NOT ATTEMPT to rehab this animal by yourself. Not only is it incredibly painful and stressful for the animal, it is also illegal in most areas to not provide veterinary assistance to an injured domestic animal, as well as to attempt to rehabilitate a wild animal without a license. Please seek professional assistance. Thank you


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